Friday, December 10, 2010

How to export shared artifacts from MDS

   As a best practice in projects, shared artifacts like WSDL’s/XSD’s/DVM’s are stored in MDS. It is really difficult to maintain consistency of these files in case multiple updates are made on these files. All developers will be familiar with the use of version control, where first step would be to get the latest from the Repository and make modifications to the source code and commit the changes. Similar approach needs to be followed here, where exportSharedData task in ant-sca-deploy.xml needs to be used to get all the latest artifacts in a jar file. Extract the files and update your local folders.
Initial steps include setting of environment variables.
set ORACLE_HOME=D:\Oracle\Middleware
set ANT_HOME=%ORACLE_HOME%\jdeveloper\ant
set PATH=%ANT_HOME%\bin;%PATH%
set JAVA_HOME=%ORACLE_HOME%\jdk160_18
You can always export the artifacts from MDS using the exportSharedData ant task.
>> ant -f ant-sca-deploy.xml exportSharedData -DserverURL=server.url -DjarFile=jar.file -Dpattern=pattern ex/** -Duser=username –Dpassword=pwd
  • exportSharedData :: is the ant task in ant-sca-deploy.xml
  • serverURL  ::The URL of the server that hosts the SOA Infrastructure application (for example, http://hostname:8001).
  • jarFile :: The absolute path of the JAR file to be generated. (C:\temp\dvm.jar)
  • pattern :: The file pattern supported by MDS transfer APIs. Use the semicolon delimiter (;) if multiple patterns are specified.
Exclude the shared data namespace /apps in the pattern.
 For example:
This example exports all documents under /apps/dvm and /apps/xref.
  • user ::  The user name for accessing the server
  • password  :: The password for accessing the server
Thanks to Edwin for all the help.

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