Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SOAP 1.1 Binding in WSDL @ SOASuite 11G

One of the queries which I got recently was on the SOAP bindings in 11g. The scenario is like this. The  SOA environment is 11g and it needs to integrate with OTM system. In 11g, by default the WSDL bindings uses SOAP 1.2 version for creating bindings. OTM system expects SOAP 1.1 version. 

The solution is simple. The Jdev provides options for creating different types of bindings in the design mode.
  1.   Open the wsdl
  2.   Go to Design Mode
  3.   In component Pallete there will be binding option
  4.   Drag and drop binding into the Bindings window of the Design page of WSDL.

5.                      A Create Binding pop-window will appear.You need to select the binding ,and SOAP 11 is listed as one of the options.
That’s it .You are done J

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