Friday, December 3, 2010

How to Configure XPath Expression to retrieve more information from the Business Message in B2B Console

This blog is on how to retrieve important information and show as part of the B2B message on B2B console which will help in tracking the message. I will explain in detail on how to configure Xpaths in the console so as to retrieve information

1.    Click on Administration and Select Document tab, and select the document definition for which you want to extract information

2.    Select XPath tab . Add xpath expressions as below. Save the document definition
When using EDI documents which have default namespace, the usage of  //*[local-name()='Name of the XSD element'] is preferred.
For eg:- //*[local-name()=’Element-143']/text()

3.    Go to Partners Page
4.    Select the Partner, and click on agreement. Click on deploy to make changes reflect on the B2B agreement.

5.    Run a test case by placing a TP EDI document in the configured path.
6.    Click on Reports. Select the Details button Business message to see the message details.

As you can see the values are extracted from the payload using the local-name function. So if you know the element name for which the value needs to extracted, these Xpath functions helps you to extract data and show on B2B console.

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AnilReddy Gandra said...

very good Information.

In B2B console, we have only three Xpath and XPath Expression1 by default right.i need to add fourth one. how we can add/set? Could you please help me.

Thanks in advance :)