Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Using Oracle MDS with B2B Document definitions in B2B and Composite

Oracle Metadata Services Repository (MDS) is used for asset centralization patterns .It removes duplication across projects and clustered environment and simplifies maintenance in case of future changes. This blog looks at how the B2B document definitions can be used across B2B and Composite in SOA Suite 11g using oracle MDS.

What all can be accommodated in MDS

The following artifacts are to be stored in the MDS:
·         All abstract WSDLs, schemas, and shared XSLs pertaining to the canonical model and applications
·         Default fault policy
·         Cross-reference metadata and domain value maps

SOA-MDS Connection Configuration

  1. Go to New GalleryàConnectionsàSOA-MDS Connection
  2. Create a database connection to MDS store.
  3.  Create a new SOA-MDS Connection. It requires a database connection to MDS store. So create a connection to MDS store. Use DEV-MDS user for listing the partitions in MDS store. Select  soa-infra as MDS partition
Next step is to go for the B2B adapter configuration.

B2B Adapter Configuration

  1. Drag and drop B2B adapter on to Exposed Services swim lane of the composite.
  2. Enter the environment specific values in the B2B configuration Wizard Step 1-6.
  3. In step 6 Use the Advanced option. Select the Refer Schema in B2B Repository option and point to the MDS store.
  1. Select the trading partner specific document definition.

  1. Finish the configuration
What about the schema location?
    Since we are referring to the XSD in B2B schemas in MDS store, it will not create a local copy in the project.
The schema location in wsdl will be referring to the MDS store. 


<schema xmlns="">
   <import namespace="urn:oracle:integration:b2b:117AF8A8105B4DA3A9BDA0DBB7D2FA6C"

Correlating Location of Doc Definitions with B2B Console

The location will be referring to the same location where we added the XSDs in B2B.

oramds:/soa/b2b -> Default location in MDS where all B2B document definitions are stored

EDI_X12/4010/850/Geo_850_def/geo_850.xsd -> the folder structure in which the doc definitions are defined in B2B console

This should help you in getting started with MDS usage along with B2B. Happy thanksgiving :)