Thursday, March 29, 2012

B2B performance issues due to large payloads

My customer was having performance issues while processing big payloads in B2B.  The problem was that the B2B server was hanging whenever a large payload was getting processed at B2B gateway.  The customer wanted a resolution to this problem..
Whenever Oracle B2B is processing an EDI file, it stores EDI payload and XML file in lob segment in B2B_DATA_STORAGE table. For big files this log segment grows significantly and create b2b runtime problem.The server hangs due to this background process.

Oracle B2B has largepayload support, in which payload will not get persisted in DB.’

Please refer B2B Documentation for more details

Inbound Setup
 Large Payload Size is the property that needs to be set for inbound cases. 
Go to Administration > Configuration.

Description of Figure A-1 follows

If a composite is deployed to handle the large payload, this is the only configuration needed. If B2B is not delivering the payload to a composite, set Use JMS Queue as default to true
 Go to Administration > Configuration.

Description of Figure A-2 follows

With Use JMS Queue as default set to true, the payload is delivered to B2B_IN_QUEUE, a JMS-based queue.

Hope this helps