Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Configuring OER Harvester with Jdeveloper 11g

There is a OER plugin for JDeveloper that supports harvesting.

  1. Login to the machine where Weblogic server is installed and navigate to the repository home. Go to $MIDDLEWARE_HOME\repository111\core\tools\solutions\ folder.

Copy to your Local machine or where Jdeveloper is installed. Create a folder harvester under <jdeveloper> home. Extract the file to the <jdeveloper>/harvester folder.

  1. Edit tools11g.xml to match your JDeveloper installation.

Replace every occurance of "C:/oracle/middleware/jdev_5361/jdeveloper" with the location of your JDeveloper installation.

  1. Merge the contents of tools11g.xml into your JDeveloper's product preferences XML file. This is located in C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\JDeveloper\system11.1.xxxxxx\o.jdeveloper\product-preferences.xml on Windows. This location is different from the OER 10g release where it used to be inside the Jdeveloper home.

If there is an existing entry, with the ExternalToolList tag select the <hash> tag from tools11g.xml and insert it after the lines:

"<hash n="oracle.ideimpl.externaltools.ExternalToolList">,

If the tag is not present , add the contents of tools11g right after the initial <ide:preferences> element.

  1. Start JDeveloper. Under Tools | External Tools you should see two new entries:
    • Submit this File into OER
    • Submit this Project into OER

Select it

o Click "Edit"

o Click the "Properties" tab, and configure the missing properties to point to your OER server.

o The "repository.password" field must be an encrypted password. Need to obtain an encrypted password by saving the unencrypted password in HarvesterSettings.xml,and running the encrypt.bat script that comes with harvester to encrypt it. The file will be modified to contain the encrypted password. Copy it to your Jdev repository.password properties

  1. To run one of the tools:

Select a file in the "Applications Navigator".Right click and select "Submit this File into OER" or "Submit this Project into OER"."Submit this File into OER" will harvest just the selected file. (This works for zips and jars too). "Submit this Project into OER"." will harvest the entire project.

Note:- Please make sure you import into the OER server before you execute step5.

Login to OER as admin user. In the Admin tab you will get a Import Export > Import Export Client which will open a java utility to import the solution Pack. In case you miss out on this step you will get the following error.

[repository.submit] An error occurred performing the Repository operation:
[repository.submit] Unable to read plugin file: C:\Oracle\Middleware\jdeveloper\harvester\plugins\biz.introspector


Sreeni said...

Hi George,

First of all, let me express my appreciation for the concise article on configuring JD for OER Harvester. In fact, I am working on the same task.

However, I am getting stuck at step 4. After configuring the tools11g.xml and the Product Preferences xml, I am not seeing anything in JD under External Tools.

Can you give me some pointers?


George Thomas said...

It may be because the step 2 and 3 is not done properly. The entries have to be made in correctly for the options to be visible in the JDEV

Chalapathy said...

Very Nice and helpful Article George....