Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weblogic JMS Topic does not support durable subscriptions-workaround

One of our service consumers where facing issues with durable subscription. They were able to successfully connect as durable subscribers in Single node topic, but they started issues once they started connecting to clustered environments where the topic where configured as Uniform Distributed Topic.

Error Snippet
weblogic.jms.common.JMSException: [JMSClientExceptions:055030]This topic does not support durable subscriptions
                at weblogic.jms.client.JMSSession.createDurableSubscriber(
                at weblogic.jms.client.JMSSession.createDurableSubscriber(
                at weblogic.jms.client.WLSessionImpl.createDurableSubscriber(
Topic configuration
Uniform Distributed Topic
  GEOJMSServer_1, GEOJMSServer_2, GEOJMSServer_3, GEOJMSServer_4

To use durable subscription you will need to use JNDI of individual node Topic.

Eg: -  GEOJMSServer_1@jms.Topic.GeoDownloadTopic

How to get the JNDI name of each node
  • Click the Servers node to expand it and expose the names of the servers currently being administered through the console.
  • Click the name of the server whose JNDI tree you want to view.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Configuration pane, and Click the "View JNDI Tree" link.
  • The JNDI tree will appear in a new browser window. You can click on an individual object name to view information about its bind name and hash code.

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kiran kumar said...

Hi George,

Thanks for the post.. Do we need to mention Client ID also apart from the jndi name of individual node? if so what would be the client ID.