Friday, August 15, 2008

limitations of WSDL in SFDC

In one of our projects for connectivity with SFDC(SalesForcedotCom) we had some issues calling the webservices @SFDC.One of our SFDC expert Omkar helped us with the following details regarding the limitations of WSDl in SFDC

The limitations of WSDL in SFDC are listed below.So please take care of these known issues while trying to call webservices or viceversa .APEX is the language used inside SFDC for creating webservices and embedding logic in it.

Apex does not support any other WSDL constructs, types, or services, including:
• RPC/encoded services
• WSDL files with multiple porTypes, multiple services, or multiple bindings
• WSDL files with imports
• Any schema types not documented in the previous table
• WSDLs that exceed the size limit, including the Salesforce WSDLs

Hope this helps

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