Sunday, August 17, 2008

How to enable the proxy server settings in Oracle SOA suite

In one of our POC’s we had issues connecting to the SFDC server because of the company firewall and proxy settings. One of our integration consultants suggested us to use the following settings

Open the following file: ORACLE_HOME/opmn/conf/opmn.xml

  1. Find the process-type id whose value is the name of the instance which we are using for our development. This may be "home", or it could be another instance name.
  1. Under the required process-type id select the data id="java-options" in the category id="start-parameters" section of the file.
  1. Add the following parameters under java-options:

Dhttp.proxySet = true

Dhttp.proxyHost = proxy_server

Dhttp.proxyPort = listen_port

Dhttp.nonproxyHost = host_name

Parameter Settings for Oracle WSM Installed as Part of Oracle Application Server

Parameter Value

Description of Value


The value true enables the proxy server.


Name of the proxy server. For example,


The port number on the proxy server where you wish to connect. For example, 80


Hosts that connect directly without intervention from the proxy server. This value can be a list of host names separated by a vertical bar (|) or an asterisk (*). For example, localhost|*

  1. Restart the server for the configuration changes to take effect.

Thanks Ramesh for your inputs

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