Thursday, August 28, 2008

AIA terminology

While I was researching on AIA I came across a nice presentation from Morten Karlsen Oracle Consulting .I hope these terminologies will help you all in getting a basic idea of components used to implement AIA

  • Enterprise Business Service (EBS)

These are application-agnostic web services that are used by calling applications to interface with different applications. This helps the cross-application processes to be participating-application unaware. The EBM containing the canonical object is the payload of the enterprise service and contains business-specific messages.

  • Enterprise Business Object (EBO)

A standard business data object definition used in the canonical data model. Enterprise business objects contain components that satisfy the requirements of business objects from participating application data models.

  • Enterprise Business Message (EBM)

The EBM is the payload that is paired to an EBS. The response returned by the EBS will also be an EBM.

  • Enterprise Business Flow (EBF)

A cross-functional BPEL flow is used to coordinate the flow of a single EBS operation that is complex, potentially long-lived, and spans multiple services. These flows only interact with EBSs to keep them agnostic of participating applications.

  • Application Business Connector Service (ABC Service)

The name for APIs developed to transform application business objects into enterprise business objects, and vice versa. Components of this service include the ABC implementation service and the ABC interface service.

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