Monday, May 16, 2011

Significance of adf-config.xml in SOA composite

From a SOA development perspective adf-config.xml file is a configuration file which helps you in storing MDS related connection details. In case your project has references to any artifacts stored in MDS, the adf-config file will help you in connecting to, validating the artifact from MDS using the MDS store connection details provided in adf-config.xml.
I am listing few points below based on my experiences with adf-config.xml.
  1. During deployment, the entries inside the adf-config.xml are accessed to retrieve MDS connection details and connect to the MDS store for validating the artifacts before compilation of the composite.
  2. Further to deployment, adf-config.xml need to exist in the composite classes folder but   contents will not be used.  
  3. During loading of composites after bouncing the server any reference to oramds in composite files will look for the adf-config.xml in classes folder, even though the contents are not used.
  4. After deployment soa-infra will be referring to the mds-soa datasource for validation and loading the artifacts during server startup.  The soainfra app will use its own adf-config.xml which just happens to have a single partition accessed through jdbc/mds/MDS_LocalTxDataSource. The partition is configured in Metadata repositories. When you run RCU the MDS repositories are created and repositories get registered in the EM. In case you want to configure new partitions for MDS or change DB –based to file based, those configurations can be done in Weblogic Domain > domain >Metadata Repositories

Thats it :)


MickeM said...

Do you know if it is possible to associate different SOA partitions to different MDS repos?

George Thomas said...

As far as I know,I don't think its possible. You can create multiple MDS repositories, but linking each partition to each one of that may not be possible as the soa-infra will be looking at its own soa-infra adf-config.xml at runtime for connecting to the MDS.And it will have pre-defined connection to soa-mds using datasource JNDI.

Ravi Kiran said...


Usage of UDDI, for ex. OSR will create a reference to orauddi:/ just like oramds:/ in all the references to the artifacts. So, do we have to create an entry for orauddi:/ as well?