Friday, May 27, 2011

How to add/modify BPEL /B2B/Mediator (component) properties – Where it gets stored?

In 11g first release there were properties which could be modified by navigating to $DOMAIN_HOME/soa_domain/config/soa-infra/configuration/ folder. All the config files related to different components used to be present in this folder.
But from subsequent releases the component properties were given an MBean interface for modifying the values. These values get directly updated in the MDS. This blog explains how to modify the values and where in turn it gets stored.
Properties for B2B, BPEL, Mediator, SOA-INFRA, Business rules, Adapter, EDN, workflow can be updated using the Mbeans. I will be taking the example of BPEL properties to show the way.
There are 2 ways of navigating to the properties via MBean.
1.    Soa-infra > Administration >  System MBean Browser

Application Defined MBeans > > Server :soa_server1
>B2BConfig >b2b
>BPELConfig >bpel

2.    Soa-infra > SOA Administration >BPEL Properties

Both the links will lead you to same MBean properties page.

Once you update the value, it gets directly updated in MDS. You can directly go and check in MDS.
Create a MDS connection.
The property files are available in
MDS  -- > soa > configuration >default > bpel –config.xml
> soa-infra-config.xml
This will help you in verifying whether the values are updated properly.                                         

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