Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Compilation Error in BPEL- XML parsing failed because ""

While you compile BPEL processes you may sometimes get an error like

[Error ORABPEL-10902]: compilation failed
[Description]: in .... XML parsing failed because "". [Potential fix]: n/a.

For getting the line number in which error occurs you need to add verbose="true" to the bpelc command in the build.xml file

<target name="compile">
<bpelc input="${process.dir}/bpel/bpel.xml" out="${process.dir}/output"
rev="${rev}" verbose="true" home="${bpel.home}"/>

Then execute the target from Jdev.You will get detailed steps of compilation and the line in which validation has failed.


harikinnera said...

Hari : Thanks a lot. You saved my time. I did not understand where the problem was untill i did the above.!! I could figure out what the problem was

Anonymous said...

I am not using my own custom ANT script to build, and I do not have a build.properties file. I am using JDeveloper to build (which is using ANT I think).

How do I set verbose to true??
Please help!