Friday, October 10, 2008

JCA Adapter rejectedMessageHandlers Property in ESB

As part of developing an exception framework I was evaluating different options available with ESB for error handling. For ESB process with async routing rule,we will use ERROR_TOPIC for knowing more about the error . In cases with sync routing rules we can use rejectedMessageHandlers property to know more about the error.

Oracle ESB supports the file, queue, and WSIF rejection handler types. As of now JMS and BPEL message handlers are not supported. In one of my previous blogs I had mentioned about how to specify end point properties in an esbsvc file. Similar editing has to be done in case of rejection handlers.

In case of AQ and file, corresponding adapter's esbsvc file has to be edited. You must update this file manually with a text editor outside JDEV and then open the project in Oracle JDeveloper and register it. After registering, you can view and edit the new rejectedMessageHandlers property in the adapter’s Oracle ESB Control Properties tab.

Where to add the property in the esbsvc file is shown below

File Adapter




<property name="rejectedMessageHandlers"




AQ Adapter

<property name="rejectedMessageHandlers"


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