Friday, October 10, 2008

designtime cache has not been initialized @ESB Console

Today I would like to mention one of the issues which I faced while verifying the ESB Console @ HA environment. When I access the ESB Console it throws the following error.


summary: Designtime cache has not been initialized

Please look in logs for following signs of failure. Fix them and restart. (a) Database access errors (b) ESB Bootstrap errors (c) OC4J class load errors (d) Product installation errors (e) Export ESB params and verify if host and port parameters are correct. Please contact Oracle Support if unable to fix the issue.Fix: -

When I looked in log files I didn’t get much help except that it’s a bootstrap error. I am attaching the snippet from log file


<MSG_TEXT>ESB bootstrap: Unknown error occured in constructor of ESB resource adapter</MSG_TEXT>

<SUPPL_DETAIL><![CDATA[java.lang.RuntimeException: failed to get ESB_HOME: java.lang.NullPointerException at oracle.tip.esb.configuration.ServiceBusConstants.getESBHome( at oracle.tip.esb.configuration.ServiceBusConstants.loadGlobalESBConfigs(




<MSG_TEXT>Warning. Unable to set up connection factory to location esb-dt for a resource adapter in {1}</MSG_TEXT>



The issue was mainly because the ESB environment was not properly setup.

You need to check whether the post installation steps as specified in Enterprise deployment guide are followed.

  • Updating the Oracle Enterprise Service Bus Metadata

You need to create an files with some properties and import those properties into oraesb schema.You will have to modify the host and port in the properties file.

  • Configuring JNDIs for the Topic and Topic Connection Factory

This step is also important because the ERROR topics to be used by the ESB processes have to be specified in advance before using ESB Console.

  • Configuring the Slide Repository to use the Database as the Repository

This step has to be done in all the runtime and repository instances.

Once you are done with these post installation steps the issue will be solved.

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