Tuesday, September 9, 2008

workarounds to issues faced during SOA Suite10.1.3.3 installation in Vista

I thought of writing this blog so that I can share the solutions to the issues faced during installation of Oracle SOA Suite in Windows Vista. I had faced these issues when I was doing the installation some 6 months back but didn’t document it. Today some newly joined colleagues approached with the same issues regarding the installation which prompted me to write it down. Hope this helps


The installation gets stuck up after it shows 84% completion. The last logged step is that opmnctl is trying to start the server. The problem is that the server is not getting started properly.


The workaround is to kill the opmn process from task manager. It will automatically skip the starting of server and proceed with the installation. The side effect of this is that adapters may not be properly installed and BPEL console may not be properly loaded.


BPEL Console is not loaded properly. It will throw the following exception. This may be the result of improper installation of SOA Suite.


com.collaxa.cube.ejb.impl.FinderBean.tryLookupInstanceByReferenceId(java.lang.String, com.oracle.bpel.client.auth.DomainAuth)

Check the size of the following jars

ORACLE_HOME \j2ee\home\applications\orabpel\ejb_ob_engine.jar

ORACLE_HOME \bpel\system\j2ee\ejb\ejb_ob_engine_oc4j.jar

If both jars are not of the same size I believe the ejb_ob_engine.jar is corrupted and not fully build. The size will be 120 kb instead of having a size of 124kb.


First stop the server. Copy the ORACLE_HOME \bpel\system\j2ee\ejb\ejb_ob_engine_oc4j.jar to ORACLE_HOME \j2ee\home\applications\orabpel and rename it to ejb_ob_engine.jar. Then start your server. BPEL console should be up and running.

Issue #3

The resource adapters are missing under a oc4j instance.In some cases the adapters may not be properly installed on your server. After installation always check the default application inside the home or oc4j instance of your server.

Check whether the following adapters are installed MQSeriesAdapter, JmsAdapter DbAdapter, AqAdapter, AppsAdapter, FileAdapter, FtpAdapter.

There are 2 workarounds.


If the required adapters are not installed you will have to run the ant scripts again to deploy these connector jars to the server.

The ant scripts @ ORACLE_HOME\bpel\system\services\install\ant-tasks\redeploy-common.xml can be used for installing those resource adapters. The target in ant file is “redeploy-adapter”. After setting the environment properly that is by setting build.properties with correct values the ant task can be executed

All these adapter rar files are available @ ORACLE_HOME\bpel\system\services\lib. The build file will move them to ORACLE_HOME\ j2ee\home\connectors folder. It will also add entries in ORACLE_HOME\ j2ee\home\config\oc4j-connectors.xml corresponding to each adapter.

For Eg: <connector name="FileAdapter" path="FileAdapter.rar"> </connector>


You can borrow the ORACLE_HOME\ j2ee\home\connectors folder contents and ORACLE_HOME\ j2ee\home\config\oc4j-connectors.xml from an instance having all the required resource adapters and replace it in your instance. This should also fix your problem.

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