Thursday, September 4, 2008

high-level architecture of J2EE CA

In this blog I will give a brief overview of the high-level architecture of J2EE CA.

At the heart of J2EE CA are several standardized contracts and interfaces between different parties. The parties are the backend enterprise information system (EIS), the different application components, the application server, and the resource adapter. Will explain each one of them:

· EIS: This is the backend legacy system that the application components must integrate with.

· Application components: These are Java or J2EE application components or middleware or Webservices that must integrate with the EIS.

· Application server: The application server (for instance, Oracle Application Server 10g) provides the runtime environment (container) in which the application components and the resource adapter execute. It also furnishes system-level services such as connection, transaction, and security management.

· Resource adapter: This connects application components with the EIS by implementing system-level services specific to the EIS, thereby shielding the application components from the EIS-specific system-level services. It plugs into the application server by using standardized system contracts.

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