Thursday, July 17, 2008

Esb process instances are not getting created

ESB systems and service groups are units for organizing the services for the Oracle Enterprise Service Bus. When you develop an esb process there is always an option to define system and service group.When an ESB system is created, an entry for the system in the form system_name.esbsys, is added to the Resources folder under the project name in the Application navigator.

Sample file- system_name.esbsys

<?xml version = '1.0' encoding = 'UTF-8'?>
<system name=" system_name" guid="xxxxx" qname="system_name" status="ENABLED">
      <parameter name="Host">host_name</parameter>
      <parameter name="Port">http_port</parameter>
<deferredQueueName numberOfListeners="1" topicConnectionFactory="topic_conn_factory">topic_name</deferredQueueName>

When you create a system for a esb process from Jdeveloper host_name will default to localhost and http_port to 8888. If the esb process is deployed in local soa server with port 8888, it will work fine. But in cases where http port and host is different the deployed process may not get initiated at the time of invocation. So before deployment the host and port values has to be set properly. If the process is already deployed you need to update these values from the esb console. In case of High availability servers the Http server ip has to be specified as the Host value and http port as the port value. So in most cases if the esb processes are not getting instantiated the issue will be because of the wrong host and port value specified @system. Some of the adapters will not work properly if the connection factory and topic specified @system are not created or existing in the application server.

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