Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Compilation error - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Choice Pattern incorrect,1=null,2={2},3={3},4={4},5={5}

error: !!BPELC_PA__OMIT! [0=java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Choice Pattern incorrect,1=null,2={2},3={3},4={4},5={5}]
This is a generic error which gets thrown during compilation time, due to the changes in the WSDL.
In one of the scenarios if we changed the WSDL or selected DB adapter with a different but similar operation, it will automatically recreate the wsdl, which may remove any custom changes that has been added to the WSDL’s.

The wsdl earlier was a sync operation and it was modified to be an async operation. So in case you haven’t regenerated the invoke or removed the extra variable it will throw compilation error.

For eg:-

        <invoke name="Invoke1"
                portType="ns10:DBRequestService_ptt" operation="insert"

        <!--<invoke name="invokeCreateRequest" partnerLink="DBRequestService"
                portType="ns10:DBRequestService_ptt" operation="insert"
                outputVariable="outCreateRequest" bpelx:invokeAsDetail="no"/>-->

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