Thursday, April 11, 2013

Runtime invocation failing with .__OAUX_GENXSD_.TOP.XSD Error /duplicate elements in XSD

Recently I was working with BPEL process which had multiple service invocations and my job was to enhance it by adding some OSB invocations. When I started modifying the code for new service invocations and WSDL modifications, the process stopped compiling due to the .__OAUX_GENXSD_.TOP.XSD. It looked bit odd, one of the main issues was due to some shared XSD’s and some services had included the XSD’s some were importing it, some had different XSD implementations for same namespace. So after consolidating the entire included schemas and existing schemas the process started working.
The biemond blog was helpful. 
The problem I faced was when I starting testing, I had the location replaced at runtime and it started failing with the same .__OAUX_GENXSD_.TOP.XSD error. This was new to me as I thought it will be going through since all the wsdls will be looked up at compilation time. Each invocation will be different. But it isn’t so, so finally I had to tweak the abstract wsdl to make it concrete (by adding service tags) composite.xml and config plan for deployment.
Error stacktrace
Exception: Can not build schema '' locate
d at '' [Cause=Can
not build schema '' located at 'http://geo
.com/ commons/schema/type.__OAUX_GENXSD_.TOP.XSD']

Reference WSDL (named in location of composite.xml)
Add service tags in wsdl definitions and have a dummy address, which can be updated during deployment.

Add the the property endpointURI which will hold the runtime URI (without the ?wsdl)
Depoyment Plan(soa config plan)
In the deployment plan ,don’t update the location attribute to the runtime location, keep it your local wsdl.Update the endpointURI property to the environment specific URI.
Add separate search replace for the wsdl and update the location value to the environment specific URI
Environment is 11g PS4
Hope it helps

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Vikrant Korde said...

I faced the same issue. I got this corrected by changing the reference of RoutingSlipList.xsd file.

My TaskService.xsd file was referring to oramds but RoutingSlipList.xsd was pointing to project reference. So after correcting it as below.


Vikrant Korde.