Friday, April 9, 2010

AIA FP and PIP installation issues with Oracle Service Registry

AIA FP and PIP installations are always tricky and can throw up different issues in different environments. For one of the clients we had successfully completed the AIA PIP installation but there were couple of build scripts which had failed due to certain environment issues.

All the BPEL/ESB processes that are part of AIA will be plugged in with a feature to enable CAVS testing. This helps in doing individual testing of the processes developed to form part of a PIP. So all the processes will have routing to the CAVS, which will be a generic WSDL. The EBS services that come with PIPs (ESB processes) will be shared among different business process flows. So depending on the PIP that you deploy the Routing rules gets added at a PIP specific installation.

For all these routing rules to be added it becomes mandatory to have all the endpoint up and running, and since CAVS URL is one among them, it also needs to be available at time of installation.

CAVS ESB is referring to the wsdls inside the AIAApplication.ear, but the AIA app urls were not accessible even though AIAApplication was up and running.

The context in the urls refered in CAVS ESB(

(eg: http://:/AIAValidationSystemServlet/asyncrequestrecipient?wsdl).

) was AIAValidationSystemServlet and the search for this context directed us to AIAApplication.ear .

As a workaround we redeployed the AIAApplication.ear and all the wsdls became accessible. But once the server gets restarted the AIA app urls become inaccessible.

AIAApplication was not starting up even though the application was deployed.

The workaround didn’t work for long. So finally we had to zero in on the issue to solve it.

This issue is with having registry.ear and AIAApplication.ear together .There seems to be a conflict in starting these applications together due to shared resources of different versions being used by both applications. So as a workaround we modified the order in which the applications are loaded at server startup.The entries were modified in server.xml and default-web-site.xml with AIAApplication entries above the registry entries.

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Joe said...

Hi George,
Great articles on AIA FP and PIP installation. We are currently implementing a new Health Science PIP. Have you worked with this before?