Monday, May 5, 2008

some challenging Tasks in BPEL

When I joined Oracle Fusion middleware competency from Java/j2ee background everything looked new to me except for the java invocation part. But after swimming in fusion for some time I would like to share some tasks which I felt challenging in BPEL and I believe everyone who likes to take up fusion middleware should practice.

  • Invoke BPEL using Web service proxy
  • Invoke BPEL using RMI
  • Calling WSIF from BPEL
  • Calling BPEL using WSIF from java
  • Calling a OWSM secured webservices from BPEL
  • Using Java Embedding within BPEL
  • How to use human workflow
  • How to Create a custom exception
  • Use fault management framework provided with BPEL
  • Use Dynamic Partner link
  • Use Correlation sets
  • Create a unit TestCase
  • Create a project with a webservice, bpel and esb process and try to automate the deployment of it using ant scripts

Maybe I liked them because they involved some research from your side instead of blindly following oracle tutorials.

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Anonymous said...

good compiled list of exercise, enough to challenge the BPEL features :-)